About Delivery

Delivery Cost

Free Shipment for orders above 200 EUR net in all EU member countries.

For orders under 200 EUR net or other European countries, please input your destination country for shipment in [Shopping Cart] to know your delivery cost and also the tax rate when applicable.

We ship with standard couriers, including UPS, DHL and DPD.


Delivery Times & Conditions

The delivery time of the product may vary depending on the inventory, please refer to the estimated delivery time shown on the product page at the time of purchase. If there are multiple products in the same order, the delivery time depends on the product with the longest expected delivery time in the order.

Order will NOT be split into multiple packages and sent out separately before the estimated delivery time. If you have special requirements for the delivery time, we recommend that you place orders separately.

The order will be shipped according to the estimated handling time and the delivery time is dependent on the carrier. We strive to deliver as soon as possible.


Pre-Delivery Customer Information

In order to arrange the delivery in time, please fill in your recipient name, delivery address, and valid contact information accurately when placing an order.

If you have any special requirements for the delivery, please leave a comment by check out or contact us in advance.

Please check your order information carefully before payment. If a wrong address is given due to personal negligence, please contact us in time. We will try our best to contact the delivery courier for changes. Please be careful in the following situations:

If an address modification application is submitted after the product has been shipped, the success of the modification cannot be guaranteed, and the risks and costs arising from the modification of the address shall be borne by the customer.

RIGOL EU Shop will not be liable for delays or returns due to the following reasons:

  • The delivery is delayed due to the remoteness and inconvenience of transportation in some areas;
  • Due to the buyer's reasons (such as changing the delivery address, unknown address, incorrect address, failure to contact, rejection, no recipient, etc.), the package is delayed or cannot be delivered;
  • The delivery is delayed caused by aviation security inspections that result in failure to carry flights normally or change to land transportation;
  • Delivery delays (delivery is not allowed at the receiving address, delivery is not accepted on holidays/public holidays, etc.);
  • Delays caused by force majeure ("Force Majeure" refers to unforeseen, unavoidable, or insurmountable objective circumstances and other objective circumstances that affect delivery time and cause package delivery delays, including but not limited to national or regional air or ground traffic System control or interruption, communication system interference or failure, government actions, changes in postal administration policies, wars, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, heavy rain, heavy fog, and other similar events).


Inspection and Receipt

RIGOL guarantees that the outer packaging of the items is intact at the time of delivery. To protect your rights, it is recommended that you check the outer packaging of the package when you receive the package. If you find any damage or deformation, please do not open the package and contact immediately Customer service. If the outer packaging is found to be seriously damaged, please refuse it on the spot.

If you have signed for it or someone else signs for it, it will be regarded as the outer packaging of the product, and the quantity and content of the product are correct. To protect your rights, we strongly recommend that you take a complete video of unpacking and confirm whether you have received all items according to the packing list. If you find that the items are missing or damaged after unpacking, please be sure to contact customer service within 24 hours of receiving the items in order to solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

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