Digital Multimeter DM3058

5.5 Digital Multimeter(240,000 Count), 0.015% DC Voltage Accuracy, 123rdgs/s, USB, RS232, GPIB, LAN


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  • Real 5½ digits resolution.
  • Three measurement speeds: 2.5 reading/s, 20 reading/s and 123 reading/s.
  • Double Display function enables to display two types of characteristic for one signal synchronously.
  • Two operation modes: Preset and Ordinary. Preset mode is able to store configuration quickly.
  • DC Voltage Range between 200mV and 1000V.
  • DC Current Range between 200μA and 10A.
  • True-RMS, AC Voltage Range between 200mV and 750V.
  • True-RMS, AC Voltage Current between 20mA and 10A.
  • Resistance Range between 200Ω and 100MΩ for 2&4-Wire ResistanceMeasurement.
  • Capacitance Range between 2nF and 10000μF.
  • Frequency Range between 20Hz and 1MHz.
  • Continuity and Diode Test.
  • Sensor Measurement function, Built-in Thermocouple compensate in Cold Terminal.
  • Abundant Math operations: Max, Min, Average, P/F, dBm, dB, RelativeMeasurement, Standard Deviation and Histogram.
  • Support the storage of data and configuration via USB flash device.
  • Support USB, GPIB, RS-232 and LAN interfaces. Support USB-TMC, IEEE 488.2 standard, LXI-C class standard and SCPI language.
  • In possession of compatible commands with both Agilent 34401A and Fluke 45.
  • Record and save the history measurement results.
  • Three kinds of management for Power Supply: PwrOn, Default and Switch.
  • Enable to store 10 groups of system configurations in the internal memory and recall them when required.
  • Backup or “Clone” all the configurations within instrument into other DM3058/DM3058E via USB flash device.
  • Chinese and English menu and online help system.
  • Provides with control software on PC and application software for sensor.

Double Screen Display

When measuring the voltage or current of the AC signal, the frequency can also be measured. At this time, the voltage or current is displayed on the main display screen and the frequency is displayed on the secondary display screen.


Mirror Image Configuration

All the configurations (system and sensor configuration) can be cloned into other DM3058/DM3058E on product line via USB storage device to improve work efficiency.


Preset Mode

Based on Preset Mode, the worker operation on product line could be greatly simplified. Besides, 10 groups of Preset Configuration are available to be stored and recalled.



According to the set upper and lower limit parameters, the signal out of range is prompted, which is suitable for production line test.


Any Sensor Measurement

It supports 6 sensor types, including DCV, DCI, freq, 2wr, 4wr and thermocouple TC, and also preset 10 groups of standard sensor types.

Software Download Description File Size Version Release Date
Ultra Sensor Software Ultra Sensor Software 7.72 MB V1.0 2019-08-29
Ultra Sigma (HelpDocument) Ultra Sigma (HelpDocument) 9.79 MB V1.0 2019-08-22
NIVISA1500runtime O/S: Windows 8.1 (64/32 Bit), 8 (64/32 Bit), 7 (64/32 Bit), Vista (64/32 Bit), XP (64/32 Bit) 83.95 MB 15.0 08.03.2015
NIVISA1700runtime O/S: Windows 10 (64/32 Bit), 8.1 (64/32 Bit), 8 (64/32 Bit), 7 (64/32 Bit) 123.33 MB 17.0 22.05.2017
Datasheet Download Description File Size Version Release Date
DM3058_DM3058E_Datasheet_EN DM3058_DM3058E_Datasheet_EN 251.94 KB V1.0 2019-08-29
Manual Download Description File Size Version Release Date
DM3058_UserGuide_EN DM3058_UserGuide_EN 5.23 MB V1.0 2019-08-29
M300_RackMount_EN M300_RackMount_EN 595.49 KB V1.0 2019-08-29
rigol-software-tools rigol-software-tools 551.36 KB V1.0 10.04.2014
VISA_TMC_Driver_information VISA_TMC_Driver_information 435.80 KB V1.0 04.08.2010
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