RIGOL Waveform Generator DG4162

160MHz, 2CH, 500MSa/s, 14bits, 7digits/s Frequency Counter


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  • 160MHz maximum output frequency (for Sine), 500MSa/s sample rate, 14bits vertical resolution.
  • Precisely adjust the phases of the two channels.
  • Support external power amplifier module (option) with on-line configuration function.
  • 150 waveforms or functions: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, Sinc, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, ECG, Gauss, Haversine, Lorentz, Dual Tones, Harmonics, Video Signal, Radar Signal, DC etc.
  • Enable to edit 16kpts arbitrary waveform and support point by point output of arbitrary waveform.
  • Rise Time and Fall Time of the Pulse could be adjusted separately.
  • Enable to output harmonic with specified order and amplitude, enable to output up to 16th order of harmonic.
  • Support to superpose Gauss Noise onto basic waveforms.
  • Various modulation types: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, OSK and PWM modulations.
    Support frequency sweep and Burst output.
  • Dual channels can perform internal/external modulation and internal/external/manual trigger separately or at the same time.
  • Adopt the Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology and provide stable, precise, pure and low distortion signals.
  • 7 inches, 16M true color TFT LCD, displaying parameters and graphics of the two channels at the same time.
  • Dual channels can output sync signal separately or at the same time.
  • Support to enable Frequency Coupling, Phase Coupling and Amplitude Coupling separately or at the same time.
  • Provide 7digits/s, 200MHz counter; enable to measure various parameters of external signal such as frequency, period, duty cycle, positive pulse width and negative pulse width; provide statistic function of measurement results.
  • Support waveform copy and state copy between channels.
  • Enable to store and recall arbitrary waveform data files and instrument state files; support various file types.
  • Plenty of standard interfaces: USB Host, USB Device and LAN.
  • Abundant I/O: waveform output, sync signal output, modulation input, 10MHz clock input/output and trigger input/output.
  • Support FAT32 formated USB storage device (flash type) storage.
  • Support 10/100M Ethernet web; users can control the instrument remotely via web.
  • Conform to LXI Core 2011 Device instrument standards.
  • Provide Chinese and English help information, prompt messages and interface display.
  • Provide powerful waveform editing PC software (Ultra Station).
  • Provide security lock hole.

Wide Screen, Novel Appearance

The parameter setting value, waveform shape and output configuration of the channel are clearly displayed, so that the user can see the current output state of the instrument at a glance.


Dual Channels With Equal Performance And Precise Phase Adjustment Between

The dual channel performance is the same, including basic wave, arbitrary wave, modulation wave, scanning, pulse series and other waveform output. Between channels, waveform or state can be copied, and frequency / amplitude / phase coupling can also be performed. The phase between channels can be adjusted accurately.


Built In 150 Arbitrary Waveforms

Various common waveforms in built-in teaching and circuit debugging are classified according to common, engineering, subsection modulation, bioelectricity, medical treatment, standard, mathematics, trigonometric function, anti-trigonometric function and window function. Special user key is provided on the panel to quickly call out specified arbitrary waves.


Rich Analog And Digital Modulation Functions

Modulation types include am, FM, PM, ask, FSK, 3fsk, 4FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, PWM and OSK, and support internal and external modulation sources to meet the needs of more teaching or communication system testing.


Multiple Sweep Modes

DG4000 supports scanning output from low frequency to high frequency or from high frequency to low frequency. The scanning type includes linear, logarithmic and step. It can set the "mark" frequency to meet the needs of more amplitude frequency test applications.


Noise Generation Function And Burst Mode Function

DG4000 can generate white noise with a maximum bandwidth of 120mhz. In addition, it has the function of noise superposition, which supports the superposition of a Gaussian noise on the main output signal. It can be used to test the anti-noise performance of the equipment. Burst mode function provides N-cycle, infinite and gating three types of pulse strings.




Up To 16th Harmonic Output Function

The output harmonic with specified frequency, amplitude and phase is usually used in the test of harmonic detection equipment or harmonic filter equipment.




High Resolution Function Of Frequency Meter

DG4000 provides 7-bit frequency meter measurement function, which can measure the frequency, period, duty cycle, positive pulse width, negative pulse width and other parameters of external input signal and supports the statistics of measurement results. The frequency meter can work simultaneously with the dual channel output.



Software Download Description File Size Version Release Date
Ultra Station(PC)Installer Ultra Station(PC)Installer 15.22 MB V1.0 2019-08-29
Ultra Station Software Ultra Station Software 15.22 MB 2019-08-29
Ultra Sigma (HelpDocument) Ultra Sigma (HelpDocument) 532.20 KB V1.0 2019-08-22
DG4000 IVI Driver DG4000 IVI Driver 3.19 MB 1.0.7 2019-08-29
NI-VISA Run-Time Engine 15.0 NI-VISA Run-Time Engine 15.0 83.95 MB V15.0 08.03.2015
NI-VISA Run-Time Engine 17.0 NI-VISA Run-Time Engine 17.0 123.33 MB V17.0 22.05.2017
Firmware Download Description File Size Version Release Date
DG4000 Firmware DG4000 Firmware 3.19 MB 2019-08-29
Datasheet Download Description File Size Version Release Date
DG4000 Datasheet DG4000 Datasheet 2.45 MB V1.0 2019-08-29
Manual Download Description File Size Version Release Date
DG4000 User Manual DG4000 User Manual 3.08 MB V1.0 2019-08-29
RM-DG4000_DS1000Z User Manual RM-DG4000_DS1000Z User Manual 594.25 KB V1.0 2019-08-29
Instrument Communication VISA / USB Instrument Communication VISA / USB 435.80 KB V1.0 04.08.2010
Software Installation und Benutzung Software Installation und Benutzung 551.36 KB V1.0 10.04.2014
DG4000 Quick Guide DG4000 Quick Guide 2.30 MB V1.0 2019-08-29
DG4000 User Manual in German DG4000 User Manual in German 2.50 MB V1.0 22.05.2017
General Download Description File Size Version Release Date
DG4000 Programming Manual DG4000 Programming Manual 881.41 KB V1.0 2019-08-29
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